Approved Regulation Course

Clearance Exemptions: Regulation Course: 4 Hours


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STRTP Approval Pending

DPSS Approvals: Clearance Exemptions: Regulation Course


Course Expiration
One you register you have up to one year take the course.
Once you start the course you have 90 days to complete the course. After 90 days all course progress is deleted.

This four hour online course covers Title 22 regulations for criminal background clearance for employees and live in residents at CCL facilities. Each step is examined from live-scan fingerprinting, the declaration form and often misunderstood requirement for exemptions. Lessons also cover in detail how clearance and exemptions can be transferred from one licensed facility to another.

The purpose of criminal clearance is to prevent the exploitation and criminal abuse and neglect of clients who live in residential care. The criminal background check process comes alive for the student through a look at real cases from the administrative law section of DSS. Administrative hearings adjudicate decisions on exemptions and the revocation of licenses. Finally a course on criminal record clearance would not be complete without a survey of crimes committed in CCL facilities.


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