Laws and Regulation Course

Complaints Deficiencies and Corrections: Laws and Reg Course


Hours: 4    Approvals: ARF, RCFE

Course Expiration
Once you register you have up to one year to complete the course.

This online course provides real-life inspection and complaint reports from community care facilities. Each report specifies the allegation and deficiency along with the POC (Plan of Correction). Each screen breaks down a facility report into an easy-to-read table that organizes the allegation and findings. By viewing the deficiencies of different facilities, the administrator is in a better position to correct any problems identified in their facility. Each lesson includes a detailed discussion of the deficiencies along with the necessary resources to keep the facility free of deficiencies.

Inspection reports are drawn from the CCL website.

Course Objectives:

Understand how the LPA evaluates a facility.

Use facility reports identifying areas of concern in their own facility.

Ensure their own facility is ready for any unannounced or complaint inspection.

Develop a more hands-on working knowledge of how the regulations are enforced.

Students are encouraged to use the Self-Assessment Guides below as a course companion.

Adult Residential Self-Assessment Guide

RCFE Self-Assessment Guide

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