Hours: 2    Approvals: ARF, RCFE, GH, LAWS AND REGS

Infection Control Policy and Training

PIN 22-13-ASC dated April 4, 2022 updates existing infection control prevention standards in community care facilities. COVID spread has heightened awareness in the disability community for more specific and compelling protocols to stop the spread of infectious diseases. Administrators will learn all aspects of infection control, from hand hygiene to creating a designated infection preventionist. Administrators can use the course content to develop infection control policies and training programs.

The objective of the course is to gain knowledge of an Infection Control Plan that covers the following:

Hand Hygiene
Environmental Cleaning
Medication Management
Protective Equipment
Respiratory Hygiene
Infection Preventionist
Emergency Control Plan

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I enjoyed the course it as very informative and keep my interest the instructors were very good
- Michelle lewis

ARF Course

Instructors are professional, very informative, and take their time to answer all your questions. Would recommend it to anyone that is in the process of becoming certified.

Initial Administrator Course

Dr. Brotman provides the resources needed to assist in passing the Administrator Exam as well as the resources needed to assist in your profession as a successful Administrator. Appreciate the course and Dr. Brotman!
- Larissa Celles

Excellent service

The ARF Coure was an amazing course. I enjoyed the instructors. They were very professional and knowledgeable about the information. I will forever be a customer. Great service!
- Dominique Harris

ARF Admin Course

Excellent class, very informative and the instructors were very knowledgeable.
- Lavenda Saunders

Program Director

Content was very resourceful and relatable. I enjoyed watching the videos and reading the different scenarios. Overall, training was amazing!
- Octavia Askew

ARF/RCFE recert.

Excellent Training Courses!!!!! The BEST ARF/RCFE re-certification classes I have ever taken plus the CHEAPEST!
- Katherine Holliday


The instructors were very experienced and professional. I strongly recommend this course.
- Justina


This course was well structure. The instructors were very knowledgeable, experienced, and well qualified. I strongly recommend this course.
- Gladys Warren