License Application Steps

You may view the complete license application here.

To open and operate a Licensed Residential Facility you will need a license to operate. The license is for physical property and is not transferable. You will also need the following:

1. Administrator Certificate issued by the State of California.
2. Three months of operating expenses.
3. Fingerprint Clearance
4. Completion of Component 1 Orientation
5. Once you submit your application you will receive a response notifying you if anything is missing.
6. Component II is an interview at the CCL office to interview you and review your application.
7. Component III is when the Licensed Program Analyst inspects your facility

The entire process takes between 4 and 12 months depending on your application.

Corporation LLC
Most people who open up a residential care business form a corporation.  A corporation protects your personal assets if your business is sued. Many people use Legal Zoom to form their corporation or LLC. The advantage of an LLC if you do not need a board or more than one officer.

Proof of 4 Hour HIV AID TB Course Completion for the administrator.
register for HIV AIDS TB online course here      Online HIV Course

Fist AID Certificate (cannot be an online course)
For licensee and each and all  staff
Control of Property ( lease or title)

Component I Orientation Certificate
To register for Online ARF Orientation 

Articles of Incorporation along with bylaws.

Key forms   Consider providing services to non-ambulatory clients.  Many Regional Center homes with a vendored capacity of 4 have 2 non-ambulatory.
License Application LIC 200
Applicant Information LIC 215 (for you as the licensee, not staff)
Administrative Organization LIC 309
Financial Information Release and Verification LIC 404
Emergency Disaster Plan  LIC 610D
Personnel Report LIC 500    Must complete if you are a sole proprietor.  If you are a corporation with financial history complete Part II only.

Supplemental Financial Information LIC401a

Complete this form only if you are a sole proprietor or a corporation with financial history.
Balance Sheet LIC 403a

The following forms must be completed by the licensee and each staff.
Health Screening Report Facility Personnel (LIC 503)
Criminal Record Statement LIC 508
Personnel Record LIC 501

LIC 999 Sketch of House ( we are happy to complete your sketch  –  ask us how)
View Sample Sketch
Drawing of inside house and lot.  Must easily identify the Electric Panel, Gas Shut Off and Water Shut OFF. Also, specify resident and staff rooms and how many clients in each room.  Also which room will be for non-ambulatory/ambulatory. Specify, exits, windows, living and dining room, kitchen, bathrooms, garage, driveway, gates, fence, walkways, storage garage cans and outside the area.  Dimensions must be specified for each room along with  front, side and backyard.

Name of Your Facility
Note:  The name of your business can be separate from the name of your facility.  A good idea is to name your facility in a way that identifies it’s location. For example Sepulveda House North. Religious names may be heartfelt and meaningful to you but may be a turn off to family and others considering placement.

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