Approved Regulation Course

Medication Assistance: Rights, Storage and PRN 4 Hours


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Medication management represents an area of great responsibility. If not managed per physician orders and in compliance with regulations, medications intended to assist with a resident’s health maintenance may place an individual’s health and safety at risk. This course is designed to help providers understand proper medication storage, resident medication rights, and regulations for medication management.

Course Objectives:

Knowledge of rules regarding administration of medication; awareness of the right to refuse; ability to foster compliance and deter non-compliance

Understanding of rules regarding refills and dosage changes; avoidance of medication errors and adverse drug interactions

Familiarity with medication labels, packaging, and proper storage and disposal practices

Awareness of PRN and over-the-counter medication requirements

Appreciation of the importance of record-keeping and communication

Comprehension of the “Seven Rights,” common ailments of the developmentally disabled, and chemical restraint restrictions

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