HIV Infection and Tuberculous


Hours: 4    Approvals: ARF, RCFE, GH, STRTP
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Course Expiration
One you register you have up to one year to complete the course.

Course Description
This fascinating look at HIV AIDS and TB begins in Africa where AIDS jumped from apes to humans. Students will learn how both HIV and TB are transmitted along with current treatments.  The course also describes how the stigma of HIV can impact the treatment.  The course covers the impact of HIV on women and African Americans along with people who have an intellectual disability and mental illness.   Knowledge of both HIV and TB is critical to administrators of all  Community Care Facilities.    At the conclusion of the course the student will acquire knowledge of:

Basic HIV Biology
The course of the Disease
(AIDS) Transmission
Social Stigma
Testing Treatment (Medications)

Differing impact on Populations

Intellectual Disability
Mentally Ill
African Americans
Older People
Gay and Bisexual Males


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