DPSS Approvals

Smart Seminars is approved to provide the Initial Certification for ARF and Recertification for ARF, RCFE, GH, and STRTP. All of our approvals are current and up to date. You can view them below:

How Do I Renew My Administrator Certificate?
Complete 40 hours of  approved courses and mail your certificates along with the Application for Administrator Certification to ACS in Sacramento.

COVID-19 Waivers
The ACS section now allows all 40 hours of renewal to be completed as either online courses or webinars. See page 8 of Provider Information Notice.

Regulation Course Requirement
The ACS section requires that in every renewal you must complete  4 hours of course content that is approved as a regulation course. A regulation course may be any content in Title 22.
There is no such thing as The Regulation Course.   We offer four approved regulation courses:

Food Service 4 Hours  Online Course
Clearance Exemptions 4 Hours Online Course
Medication Compliance: Live Course  5 Hours
Bon Appetite: Live Course  5 Hours

All of our online packages include a 4 hour approved regulation course.

When will the same course be a duplicate and not accepted?
When the administrator submits two or more courses with the same
approval number. This means you could take a course titled Behavior
from three different providers or even the same
provider. Since each course has a different approval number all three
courses would be accepted.

Can I take the same course with the same approval number I completed in a prior term.
Yes you can take the same course you took in a previous term again in a new term.  Each time you renew your administrator certificate  courses you took in  prior term are not reviewed, considered or relevant.

What about the One Hour LGBT Course. Do I have to take the LGBT course each renewal?
No the LGBT is a one time requirement. Take it one time and you never have to take it again. If you had the one hour LGBT course in the Initial Administrator  Certification course you never have to take it for renewal.

What about the HIV Course?
The HIV AIDS TB course is a licensing requirement for ARF administrators every two years. That means it is not a CEU renewal requirement. You can renew your administrator certificate without it. However, when you facility is audited by licensing they will look for proof that the administrator has 3 hours of HIV and one hour of  TB training.

Course Title with LinkHoursTypePriceARFRCFEGHSTRTP
Abuse Reporting and Prevention: RC Zero Tolerance4Online49.00098-0445-30887098-0453-30888
Abuse Reporting: Regulation Course1Online25.00098-0140-32319098-0140-32320
Alzheimer's Dementia: History Intervention5Online49.00098-0543-31602098-0549-31603
Autism: Atypical Mind5Live50.00098-0504-31030098-0504-31031098-0504-31029098-0504-31361
Bon Appetit: Regulation Course5Live50.00098-0501-32029098-0501-32428098-0501-32433098-0501-32430
Clearance Exemptions: Regulation Course4Online59.00098-0440-30921098-0440-28968098-0440-32912098-0440-32912
Down Syndrome Across the Life Span4Online39.00098-0443-30891098-0443-30889098-0443-30890098-0443-31404
Epilepsy and Seizures Advanced5Online59.00098-0543-31250098-0543-31248098-0543-31247098-0545-31249
Food Service: Approved Regulation Course4Online49.00098-0440-31982098-0440-31984098-0440-31981098-0440-31983
Foodborne Illness3Online39.00098-0345-30920098-0345-29192098-0345-32843098-0345-32853
Fragile X: The Story2Online29.00098-0243-29399098-0243-29400098-0243-32841098-0345-32842
HIPAA Compliance2Online29.00098-0241-31864098-0241-31865098-0241-31867098-0241-31866
HIV AIDS TB: History and Future5Live50.00098-0506-33851098-0506-33845098-0504-33858098-0504-33848
Human Sexuality Across the Life Span
Intellectual Disability5Live50.00098-0504-32160098-0504-32161098-0504-32163098-0504-32162
LGBT Competency Training6Online69.00098-0650-31360098-0650-31359098-0650-31358098-0650-31357
Marijuana: Medical and Recreational Use3Live30.00098-0307-31443098-0307-31444098-0307-31446098-0307-31445
Measles Outbreak3Online29.00098-0345-33066098-0345-33063098-0345-33064098-0345-33065
Medication Compliance Regulation Course5Live50.00098-0501-32087098-0501-32085098-0501-32089098-0501-32088
Natural Supports3Online29.00098-0344-31788098-0343-31791098-0344-31790098-0344-31789
Opioid and Prescription Drug Abuse2Live20.00098-0204-31216098-0207-31220098-0207-31217098-0207-31234
Physical Fitness and Zumba2Live25.00098-0206-31708098-0206-31707098-0206-31706098-0206-31705
Schizophrenia: Thought Disorder5Live50.00098-0504-33227098-0504-33228098-0504-33229098-0504-33230
Sex and Dementia3Online29.00098-0343-31752098-0349-31753
Sexual Harassment4Online098-0443-04890098-0443-04892098-0443-30894098-0443-30895
Sexually Transmitted Infections5Live50.00098-0506-31407098-0506-31408098-0506-31406098-0506-31405
HIV Infection and Tuberculous4Online59.00098-0445-34337098-0445-34335098-0445-34334098-0445-34336
Medication Assistance Rights Storage and PRN4Online59.00098-0440-34520
Complaints and Deficiencies and Corrections Regulation Course4Online59098-0440-34517
Sexual Harassment4Online49.00098-0442-34017