Identifying A Seizure Quiz

Imagine that you provide residential supports for individuals  with cognitive disabilities.

One morning, Susan begins to act in a bizarre way, completely out of character. She hasn’t been feeling well for the past few days. You’ve been working with her for about two years. Even though she doesn’t talk, she has about 25 gestures and communicates well. She is ordinarily cheerful, compliant and friendly. Susan has been quiet and withdrawn lately.  While helping do the dishes she tugged at your arm and pointed to her abdomen with a look of pain. Thirty minutes later she bolted out the back door and began to run wildly through heavy traffic.

When you caught her, she became belligerent and struck out at you. Getting her home was a struggle. After thirty minutes, she settled down and seemed normal again.

What kind of seizure does Susan have describe?  Watch the video below..

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