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Diabetes is a chronic health condition that affects how the body turns food into energy. When blood sugar goes up, it signals the pancreas to release insulin, which allows blood sugar into the body’s cells for use as energy. With diabetes, the body doesn’t make enough insulin or can’t use it as well as it should. Diabetes can cause serious health problems such as heart disease, vision loss, and kidney disease. This course is designed to familiarize students with the basics of diabetes and the ways that diet can affect the disease. Insulin resistance and diabetic metabolism are also comprehensively explained. Additionally, diabetes in the young, the elderly, and the developmentally disabled is covered in detail.

Course Objectives

Familiarity with the basics of diabetes

Comprehension of how diet affects diabetes

Understanding of insulin resistance and diabetic metabolism

Knowledge of diabetes management and treatment options

Awareness of the effects of diabetes on youth, elderly, and developmentally disabled populations