Fragile X: The Story 2 Hours


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DPSS Approvals: Fragile X: The Story


Course Expiration
One you register you have up to one year take the course.
Once you start the course you have 90 days to complete the course. After 90 days all course progress is deleted.

Fragile X is a known genetic cause of autism. Individuals with Fragile X have learning problems, developmental delays, and high rates of epilepsy and sensory problems. This fascinating course provides a up-close look at exactly what Fragile X is along with how families cope with raising a child with Fragile X. On conclusion of the course, the student will have solid knowledge of how Fragile X impacts the social and emotional lives of families who are raising a child with Fragile X.
Course Objectives:
Understand the genetics and inheritance link in Fragile X.
Identify the physical features of Fragile X including facial features and loss of muscle tone.
Identify the emotional and behavioral aspects of Fragile X.
Gain knowledge of current research into drug treatments for Fragile X.

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