3. Toby

Toby is a vivacious and energetic woman who enjoys movies and concerts. She currently lives in her own home with two roommates in Clear Lake. Toby decided to attend a music concert with several friends. After she purchased tickets for the concert, she was told she had balcony seats. This meant she would have to walk up a flight of stairs.

The service providers from where Toby was living prior to her current residence described Toby as someone who would never walk because of her unpredictable movements and constant seizures. At her previous residence, Toby had bitten her peers, and scratched and pulled their hair.

These behaviors caused considerable harm to her victims. Since Toby has moved into her own home, she’s constantly making her own choices. She now lives where and with whom she wants. She’s developed a sense of motivation and confidence. She states, “in order to do normal things you have to act normal.” Her challenging behaviors are almost nonexistent. She has taken the initiative to control her seizures through closer medication monitoring.

When told she could exchange her tickets for seats in the downstairs area, she refused. Toby has been working, with the assistance of a walker, at spending less time in her chair. Her goal is to have no need for her chair. Now, more determined than ever, she intends to watch the concert from the balcony.

It was suggested to Toby that she sit in the lower section because of her disability. However, with the encouragement of natural supports and the development of self- confidence, she insisted on improving her abilities to do the things she wanted.



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