Medications Staff Training

Train staff that assist in self-administration of medication to understand the limits of their authorization and how to assist effectively.

Develop a plan for regular evaluation of staff’s compliance with the facility’s medication procedures.

Ensure staff is aware of their responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of health information pertaining to a child or non-minor dependent, as required by applicable state and federal laws. All information and records obtained from or regarding the child or non-minor dependent shall be confidential unless otherwise provided by law.

\Maintain and document communication with prescriber/physicians, pharmacists, and other licensed health care professionals.

Develop a system to communicate medication changes to staff, the child or non-minor dependent, and the authorized representative.

Train staff on universal precautions to prevent contamination and the spread of disease. The following table describes several common scenarios in the care of children or non-minor dependents with medication needs.


The “What to do” guidance provides recommendations that constitute good practice. These scenarios may include both best practices and statutory or regulatory requirements. Please see the appendix for applicable licensing laws.

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