Medication Routes

Overview of Medication Routes

Medication route refers to the way that a drug is introduced into the body.

This is based on the specific medication being used, the rate of absorption desired and the specific site of action (where the medication needs to have an effect).

Most drugs are manufactured for a specific route of administration and must be used as directed for safety and efficiency.

Routes of Administration – Each medication is prescribed to be taken in a certain form and by a certain route. The oral route (by mouth) is the most common method of medication administration, but there are a number of other routes.

In some cases, the same medication can be given in several different forms (liquid, capsule and suppository) by several different routes (oral, topical, rectal). It is important for med staff to know the dosage form and route of administration for each medication. The MAR and pharmacy label must indicate which route to use for administration.

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