Medication Administration Record

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The Medication Administration Record. or referred to as the MAR’s form, is generated by the pharmacy for each resident and serves as a record of medication administration by the facility staff assigned to assist residents with their medication.

The MAR is generated from the physician’s “medication order”.

The “medication order” always includes the schedule for the administration of drugs (if necessary, instructions for preparation of drug), the exact dosage form of the drug (i.e., solution, suspension, tincture etc., rather than just “liquid”), the dosage strength, direction for use where appropriate, route of administration (if necessary), may also contain instructions for proper dilution of drugs. These should be transcribed onto the MAR.

The MAR’s form is generated by the pharmacy and serves as a record of medication administration by the facility staff. It contains a list of the drugs dispensed from the pharmacy, the time the medication is dispensed, the initials of the person dispensing, as well as the dosages and times of administration.

Instead of giving a set of dosage instructions with each drug (i.e. sig), the MAR puts the medication order within a specific dosage schedule. This schedule tells when the medications are to be given to the resident.

The times of administration may be listed across the top of a MAR according to a 24-hour clock. The staff administering the medication may place a mark in the block underneath the time that the medication was administered to the resident.

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