Medication Administration Protocol

Medication administration protocol is to ensure medication is given according to the medication instructions. All residential care med techs and aides should fully understand the “six rights” every time you assist a resident with their medication.

# 1 Right resident – Be sure that you are assisting the correct resident.

  1. Check resident identification source (picture, armband).
  2. Asking the resident to tell you her/his name if you are not sure.
  3. Check with other staff if you are not familiar with resident – Know your residents.
  4. Follow your facility policy for identifying a resident to avoid errors.
  5. Avoid distractions. A lot of activity can cause you to make a mistake, even when you know everyone well.

# 2 Right drugs – Be sure that you are giving the correct drug.

  1. Check Physician’s order in resident record.
  2. The MAR and pharmacy label agree; if not, contact the Administrator/or lead med technician.

# 3 Right dosage = How much medication is given

  1. Compare MAR and pharmacy label to make sure they match.

# 4 Right time – Make sure that the drug is given at the correct time.

  1. The pharmacy label and MAR will provide directions as to when and/or how often a drug should be given.
  2. Check the physicians order than is located in the resident record.
  3. The facility should have a time schedule for administering drugs.

#5 Right route – Make sure the correct route is used.

  1. Double check the MAR to determine drug is in the form ordered by the physician.
  2. Review the MAR and pharmacy label for special administration directions.

# 6 Right – Documentation/Record

  1. Each time a medication is administered, it must be documented. It should be done at the time the medication is given.
  2. Documentation should be done in blue or black ink no pencil.
  3. Never cross out or write over documentation.
  4. Double check the medication log.
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