How to Read Prescription Label

It’s important to know what is listed on a prescription medicine label and how to follow the stated directions for the medication. The label will contain the following:

  • Pharmacy name, address and phone number.
  • Prescription number.
  • Patients (Resident’s) name.
  • Prescribing physician’s name.
  • Name of medicine, strength and quantity.
  • Date of dispensing & Expiration date.
  • Number of refills without a new prescription.
  • Directions (how to take the medicine and cautionary warnings).
  • Can include stickers or highlights with precautions such as DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL or KEEP REFRIGERATED. Most precautions are important to avoid interactions such as drug-drug, drug-food or drug alcohol interactions.
  • Manufacturer: May carry both the generic name and the brand name, provided that the brand name is preceded by the words “generic substitute for…” or similar terminology.
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