Complaint Investigation
Licensing Program Analyst (LPA) Wendell Smith made an unannounced complaint visit to investigate the allegation above. LPA met with administrator and explained the reason for this visit.

It is alleged that resident (R1) was unlawfully evicted from the facility due to R1 having an episode and being hospitalized and not being allowed to come back to the facility. LPA conducted interviews with hospital staff and facility staff. LPA reviewed R1’s file and obtained a copy of an eviction notice that was given to R1. Information revealed that the eviction notice given to R1 was incorrect and did not include specific facts for the reason for the eviction. Based upon the information obtained through interviews this allegation is deemed Substantiated at this time.

Deficiency Type B 80068.5 Cited
Eviction Procedures. The licensee shall state in the eviction notice the reasons for the  eviction, with specific facts supporting the reason for the eviction including the date, place, witnesses,
if any, and circumstances.  Eviction notice did not have specific reasons for why R1 was evicted.

Plan of Correction
Facility stated they will submit a written plan of correction to include specific facts when issuing eviction notices and following Title 22 regulations when issuing eviction notice.

Eviction Procedures 80068.5


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