Buildings and Grounds

The following narrative is from an annual inspection of an Adult Residential Facility. The LPA uncovered multiple deficiences.

Facility was at a comfortable temperature and was odor free. Fire extinguishers were last serviced on 3/24/16 and were fully charged. Smoke detectors were tested and observed to be operational. Client bedroom was well organized, had the required furnishings, and lighting was sufficient. Client bathroom was properly equipped and hot water tested at 105 degrees F. A carbon monoxide detector was observed. First aid kit was complete. The perishable and non-perishable food supply was sufficient. There were no bodies of water observed. A sufficient supply of linens were observed and they appeared to be in good repair. Additional hygiene items were present. Client attends recreational activities. A Physician’s report, Admission Agreement, and Needs and Services Plan was on file. No waivers or exceptions on file. Medications were secured in a file cabinet in the dining area, were properly labeled, and appeared to be administered as required. Centrally Stored Log was present. Cleaning supplies were secured under the kitchen sink. Staff are cleared and associated to facility. The following deficiencies were observed during visit, that if not corrected, may negatively impact the client in care:

The disaster drill was not available for review.
The current P&I ledgers were not available for review.
The most current observed Client Individual Program Plan (IPP) expired 5/21/15.
Several food items were being stored in the refrigerator, in pots/pans covered by plates, unlabeled, and several food items were being stored in the freezer, unlabeled

Throughout facility, papers and various items are stacked. Facility needs kitchen and bathroom cabinet and counter washing, as well as floor washing.

Numerous items observed to be stacked on patio, covered by tarps, taking up the majority of the patio. Licensee stated that many of the items are being stored there by an adult child. There is a walkway to backyard between these items however, it is difficult to determine because of the number of items stacked and the items being covered, whether any of them pose a risk, and whether they are stacked in a secure manner, as to not allow for them to fall, which would also create a risk.

Staff files were not available for review.

Administrator Certificate not available for review. LPA looked on the CCLD website and could not locate an active or pending certificate for Licensee.

LPA requested that the following updated forms be submitted to CCLD Fresno via fax to 559-243-8088, within 30 days of todays date. LIC 9020 Client Roster, LIC 500 Staff Roster, LIC 620 Emergency Disaster Plan.Buildings and Grounds.

Deficiency Type B
The facility shall be kept clean, sanitary and in good repair at all times.**Throughout facility, papers and various items are stacked. Facility needs kitchen and bathroom cabinet and counter washing, as well as floor washing.

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