9. Unannounced Visit: Allegation of Client-to-Client Sex

Facility Type: 735 (Adult Residential)

Facility staff failed to protect resident from being sexually assaulted by other resident.
Facility staff took resident’s funds.

Investigation Findings
Licensing Program Analyst (LPA) made an unannounced visit to deliver findings on the above allegations. LPA met with administrator and explained the purpose of today’s visit is to ensure facility is in compliance with Title 22, California Code of Regulations.
Although the allegations may have happened or are valid, there is not a preponderance of evidence to prove the alleged violations did or did not occur, therefore the allegations are UNSUBSTANTIATED at this time.
During the course of this investigation, LPAs conducted interviews with pertinent sources but LPAs were unable to interview all sources involved. LPA reviewed client files. Information obtained was conflicting and vague.
Information obtained from pertinent reports contained conflicting information regarding the allegation of sexual assault. Client 1(C1) may not have said “no” to C2. It was later determined the sexual activity may have been non-consensual. LPAs were not able to interview all parties involved.
LPAs obtained copies of receipts of monies received for C1. However, LPAs were unable to interview all parties involved to determine what, if any, monies were actually received or withheld.



Facility Report


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