7. Unannounced Visit: Deficiencies

Facility Type: 735 (Adult Residential)

Investigation Findings
Licensing Program Analyst (LPA) conducted an unannounced visit for an unrelated matter. LPA met with licensee.

During the visit, the LPA observed the following deficiencies. LPA observed the facility overall to be unclean and in disrepair. This was evidenced by: 2 broken kitchen drawers where the face of the drawer was off, the sliding glass door was missing the handle, the carpets were stained, the walls were dirty, the rail on the staircase was dirty, the light switch in the upstairs client bathroom was cracked and broken, the door jamb to the staff room was splintered and broken, broken chair in the family/kitchen area, microwave was missing a piece, the inside of the kitchen cabinets are dirty with food crumbs and stains, LPA observed cobwebs outside in the front patio area surrounding the table and columns, cobwebs surround a car parked in the driveway and cobwebs in the backyard patio area. This is the second violation of the same subsection in a 12-month period. The first violation was cited on 04/19/16. An immediate civil penalty of $150 was assessed for the period of 07/26/16 through 07/26/16. Civil penalties will continue to accrue at a rate of $50 per day until plan of correction (POC) is submitted.

LPA observed this facility’s outdoor activity space is not furnished for outdoor use. There is only one chair in the front patio (which has the backside broken) and there is not furniture in the backyard.

LPA also observed the facility’s landline is not operable. Licensee stated he became aware of the phone issue about 2 days ago. He purchased a new phone and realized the issue was the landline and not the phone. Licensee showed a copy of the receipt dated 07/26/16 to the LPA. Licensee has already contacted the phone company who is scheduled to come out to the facility for repair on 07/28/16. Staff have cell phones to use in case of an emergency. Licensee will follow up with the LPA on 07/29/16 as to the repair of the landline.

LPA discussed with licensee the issue of the licensing fees. Although in April of 2016, licensee provided a copy of a check and mail receipt, the licensing fees for this facility have still not been updated. Currently this facility owes $2853.75. Licensee initially was going to pay online but later decided to send a check. Licensee was advised to provide a copy of the cashed check or proof of payment to the LPA by 07/29/16. Licensee was advised the LPA would follow up with this possible violation at a later date, if necessary. LPA provided the facility’s PIN number to licensee should he need to make the payment online.

An exit interview was conducted where this report, LIC809D, LIC421 (civil penalty assessment form) and appeal rights were discussed and provided to licensee.

Deficiency Type /
Section Number
Type B
Section Cited
BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS. The facility shall be kept clean, sanitary and in good repair at all times.
LPA observed stained carpet, dirty walls, dirty staircase rail, broken kitchen drawers, broken light-switches, missing sliding glass door handle, broken door jamb and cobwebs outside the facility.
Licensee stated a cleaning schedule will be submitted to CCL by tomorrow, 07/27/16 to cease civil penalties. Proof items have been cleaned or repaired will be submitted to CCL by 08/01/16.
Type B
Section Cited
OUTDOOR ACTIVITY SPACE. The outdoor activity area shall provide a shaded area, and shall be comfortable, and furnished for outdoor use.
LPA observed the outdoor activity area is not furnished for outdoor use.
Licensee stated proof the outdoor activity space has furnished for outdoor use will be submitted to CCL by 08/01/16.


Facility Report


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