23. Unannounced Visit: Case Management

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Facility Type: 740 (RCFE)

Investigation Findings
This report is being generated to address deficiencies observed during a complaint investigation on this day.

While reviewing R2’s rent receipts, a receipt for $90 worth of “personal allowance” was observed. The notice states that “we deducted credit on coke.” The balance is written as being $90.00 received on June 2, 2017. $81.00 is subtracted from it, leaving the “total received” amount to be $9.00. No store receipt for coke was included with this written receipt. Administrator stated that residents are allowed to purchase sodas from the facility for one dollar. Some residents, many of them VA clients, accrue a tally of sodas throughout the month, and this amount is deducted from their allowance check the next month.

LPA also observed several Plans of Corrections from the visit on 6/14/17 to not be met. Administrator did not provide LPA with water temperature logs, plumbing inspection/repairs, documentation of staff training, elevator repairs, or confirmation of their understanding and intent to abide by Health and Safety Code 1569.38(a).

Administrator did provide LPA with a copy of water temperature logs, staff training, and elevator repairs during this visit. LPA also observed the required licensing reports to now be visibly posted. Documentation of plumbing inspection/repairs was not available. When asked why none of this was provided to LPA, Administrator stated that the corporate office is supposed to handle all communications with licensing. Administrator did not know why the corporate office has not yet complied with any of these plans of correction. Administrator had to leave before reports could be signed, and designated staff member to sign them.

Report reviewed and printed, exit interview conducted, deficiencies cited on 809-D page. Civil penalties of $200 to be assessed for the plan of correction that LPA was not able to verify during this visit.

Deficiency Type /
Section Number
Type A
Section Cited
87794(a) A penalty of $50 per day, per cited violation, shall be assessed for all deficiencies that are not corrected as specified in the notice of deficiency. LPA observed two plans of correction with due dates of 6/16/17 to not be completed. The administrator did not submit proof of a plumbing inspection/repair by the required date. Administrator was unable to produce it for LPA during this visit.Administrator will submit the requested documentation by the indicated date. Civil penalties in the amount of $200 assessed.


Facility Report


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