17. Disaster Drills Type A and B: Buildings and Grounds

Facility Type: 735 (Adult Residential)

Investigation Findings
Licensing Program Analyst (LPA) made an unannounced visit to this facility to conduct an Annual Required visit.

LPA conducted an inspection of the care home to ensure compliance with Title 22 Regulations. LPA inspected all bedrooms and bathrooms in both buildings. There are missing and damaged blinds observed by LPA in both buildings and bedroom #3 in the main building needs a new dresser due to missing multiple drawers. LPA observed the bathrooms in the second building to need repair. The baseboards in bathroom #1 and the bathtub in bathroom #3 of the second building need to be cleaned/repaired/replaced. The first bathroom in hallway of the main building has a strong odor of urine. LPA checked the hot water temperature in both buildings and it was observed to be 111.8 degrees F. in the main building and 118 degrees F. in the second building.

LPA checked the kitchen area for the ability to prepare and store food. LPA observed there to be a sufficient amount of perishable and nonperishable food supply on hand. LPA observed knives and toxins to be locked away and inaccessible to clients. LPA observed the backyard and perimeter of the facility to be free of clutter and debris. Smoke detectors operational and care home also has a carbon monoxide detector. Fire extinguishers and first aid kit are maintained and ready for emergency use. Care home unable to provide documentation that it conducts monthly fire/disaster drills.

LPA checked medication storage and found medication to be locked away and inaccessible to clients. LPA checked resident records for completeness and accuracy. Care home staff also has criminal record clearances and current first aid training on file.

As a result of this visit, the following deficiencies were cited on 809-D, per California Code of Regulations, Title 22.
Exit interview held and copy of report given at the conclusion of this visit.

Deficiency Type /
Section Number
Type A
Section Cited
80023 (d)(2)
Disaster drills shall be conducted at least every six months. The drills shall be documented and the documentation maintained in the facility for at least one year.
Care home unable to provide LPA with documentation that care home conducts disaster drills with residents.
Care home agrees to begin conducting disaster drills with residents every six months.
Administrator shall conduct a fire/disaster drill with its residents by Thursday, 4/27/17. Please email or fax the documentation to CCL by close of POC due date.
Type B
Section Cited
Buildings and Grounds. The facility shall be kept clean, sanitary and in good repair at all times.
LPA observed missing and damaged blinds in both buildings, Bathroom #1 in hallway of main building smells of urine.
Baseboards and bathtub in bathrooms of second building need to be cleaned/replaced. Also, bedroom #3 in main building needs dresser drawers repaired or a new dresser.
Administrator agrees to audit rooms for damaged blinds and furniture and submit a plan of correction to repair or replace the damaged items by close of POC due date.


Facility Report


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