Social Skills via Tea Party

For many years I have been involved in teaching Social Skills to consumers in my day program. I discovered that a top-down approach of the trainer giving instruction seldom translates into real change in social behavior. 

After a trip to England and drinking lots of tea, I realized the value of Tea Time. The act of drinking tea demands various social skills such as listening, not interrupting, greeting, initiating conversation, and paying attention to nonverbal cues.

When drinking tea with other people, we feel elevated and essential. Respect for others and conversation become enjoyable. So at Life Skills Day Program, we initiated a tea party as a regular activity.

One consumer is responsible for the setup of the tea and snacks. The only rule is no interrupting.

Learning Objectives/Goal

To learn social skills through the natural decorum of a tea party.

Promote competence and self-respect on the part of all participants.

Experience the pleasure and enjoyment of socializing with others.