Sexual Harassment

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Course Summary

Sexual Harassment in the workplace is a sensitive issue that can marginalize employees and be costly to employers. The Me Too movement has ignited a sea change in cultural attitudes re what is acceptable behavior at the workplace. Many high-profile legal cases such as Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby have focused attention on how employers have used their power to harass and exploit mostly female employees. Students will learn what behaviors constitute harassment and the importance of developing policies and ongoing training to prevent it. Course content focuses on definitions, harassment policies, scenarios, legal consequences, and best practices for responding to complaints.

This online course satisfies the California law that employees and supervisors receive sexual harassment training.
California employers with five or more employees must provide harassment prevention training to all employees by the end of 2020. Two hours of training is required for supervisors and one hour for non-supervisory employees. Training must take place within six months of hire or promotion and every two years thereafter (SB 1343).

Course Objectives:

Know what constitutes sexual harassment and abusive conduct

Understand the legal definition of sexual harassment

Become familiar with laws regarding sexual harassment

Study sample harassment and abuse policies and scenarios

Know how to safely and effectively report sexual harassment and abusive conduct

Learn techniques for preventing sexual harassment and abusive conduct

Gain an understanding of current events involving sexual harassment

Following each lesson, there is a quiz. You must achieve a score of 70% to move on to the next lesson. The use of quizzes satisfies the CCL regulation that online courses be interactive.