Measles Outbreak

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Hours: 3   Approvals: ARF, RCFE, GH, STRTP

Measles is a serious disease that can lead to devastating medical complications and suffering. Measles Outbreak covers the course and symptoms of measles and how medical science successfully eradicated the disease in 2002.  Within the last decade measles has come back due to declining vaccinations rates.  California legislation has eliminated personal exemptions and instituted  increased oversight of medical exemptions. Administrators should be familiar with measles and ensure that all clients and staff are vaccinated.

Course Objectives:
Become familiar with the course symptoms, cause, and treatment of measles.

Understand how measles is transmitted.

Learn the history of measles and the public health effort to eradicate the disease.
Become familiar with recent outbreaks across the country in the last five years and in particular 2019.

Gain knowledge of  the science behind the development of the measles vaccine and the importance of maintaining high rates in all communities.

Gain knowledge of why infants must wait until one year prior to being vaccinated.

Gain a deeper understanding of the success of the  anti-vaccination movement  in convincing parents to not vaccinate their children.

Get up to date on California’s vaccination laws.