Food Service: Regulations

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Hours: 4   Approvals: ARF, RCFE, GH, STRTP

Title 22 provides federal rules for the safe preparation, storage, and service of food. It also covers sanitation of food preparation areas and provides dish washing regulations and guidelines for refrigeration and freezing. Familiarity with Title 22 rules is necessary for the provision of safe and healthy foods and the prevention of food borne illness. Students will become familiar with food service, selection, preparation, and storage regulations. Cleaning methods and contamination prevention will be covered in detail. Supplemental material will further illustrate the importance of the regulations in maintaining residents’ health and well-being.

Course Objectives:

Learn safe food preparation and handling to prevent the spread of food borne illness.

Become familiar with correct hand washing, personal hygiene, and kitchen and dish room sanitation techniques.

Become familiar with the temperature “danger zone” for bacterial growth.

Know required refrigerator and freezer temperatures, as well as storage areas and time periods for both perishable and nonperishable items.

Learn about odor control and the shelf life of refrigerated foods.

Understand refrigeration and the importance of proper cleaning and ventilation.

Learn how to purchase healthy food and ensure its safety utilizing thorough inspection and optimal transportation and storage.

Develop ongoing protocols and systems in the facility to ensure food is properly prepared.

Learn proper cooking methods, in particular best temperature, for different types of food.

Understand safe selection, handling, storage, and preparation of meat.

Learn the importance of safe seafood and shellfish selection, storage, preparation, and service.

Know how to prevent contamination and what to do with contaminated food.

Gain thorough knowledge of bacteria and foodborne illness; understand the two different types of bacteria and their effects on food.

Learn proper care of garbage and how to procure and maintain properly designated garbage containers.

Understand rules for proper storage of toxic substances and keeping them away from food preparation areas.