Admin Renewal Steps

Steps to Renew Your Administrator Certificate for ARF RCFE GH and STRTP

Renewal Procedures

Renewal Requirements
Prior to the expiration date of your administrator certificate, you must complete 40 hours of continuing education. 20 of the hours must be live. 20 can be online.

Community Care Licensing Regulations: Recertification
You must complete 40 hours of continuing education from an approved vendor during the two year period following initial certification. 20 hours may be online. The renewal fee is $100.00 payable to the Department of Public Social Services. If you do not renew on time, you are subject to a fine of $200.00 well as the $100.00 renewal fee. If you are more than 4 years from the date of your first renewal you are required to complete Initial Administrator Certification Program again and pass the State Administrator Test again. Submit your renewal certificates to the ACS section on this form:  Renewal Form LIC 9214

I lost my original certificate and don’t know if I am more than four years past my expiration date. You need to contact the Administrator Certification section at 916.653.9300 and ask them what was the date of issue of your first certificate.  Their email is [email protected]

LGBT Cultural Competency Training
Beginning in 2016 all administrators of ARF RCFE and GH must complete at least one hour of training in LGBT Cultural Competency either online or live.   If you received LGBT  training as part of your Initial Certification Training Program for Administrator you are exempt from this requirement.  You only need to take this course one time. Smart seminars offer LGTB Cultural Competency as a live course or online course.

At Least Four Hours of Regulation Content
Beginning in 2016 all renewals must include at least 4 hours in content that is associated with Regulations, Protocol or Procedures.  At the present, we have an online course that meets this requirement:  Fingerprint Clearance and Exemptions:  4 Hours Online