RC Levels of Care

California Regional Center Facility Levels & Rates

The Regional Center contracts with you to provide a specific level of residential care (levels refer to facilities not residents). The higher the level the more care and supervision is required. More staff are required to be employed in a level l 4I facility than a level 2 facility. Facilities levels 4A and above will require you to hire the services of a behavior management specialist who creates a behavior plan for each client. The levels of care are as follows:

Level 1

Limited care and supervision for persons with self-care skills and no behavior problems.

Level 2

Care, supervision and incidental training for persons with some self-care skills and no major behavior problems.

Level 3

Care, supervision and ongoing training for persons with significant deficits in self-help skills, and/or some limitations in physical coordination and mobility, and/or disruptive or self-injurious behavior.

Level 4

Care, supervision and professionally supervised training for persons with deficits in self-help skills, and/or severe impairment in physical coordination and mobility, and/or severely disruptive or self-injurious behavior.

Level 4

Level 4 is subdivided into Levels 4A through 4I in which staffing levels are increased to correspond to the escalating severity of disability level.

You can view the complete details on staffing levels by clicking on Title 17 Residential Service Levels. For a summary see the table listed below.

Table of Staffing Requirements by Facility Level:

Facility Rates

Regional Centers set the rate of reimbursement for residential services.

Table of Facility Service Monthly Rates by Service Level

Level Rates
1 $898
2 $1,745 Owner Operated (licensee lives in the facility)
2 $1,961 Staff Operated
3 $2,006 Owner Operated
3 $2,287 Staff Operated
4A $3,941 Requires Behavior Consultant
4B $3,134 Requires Behavior Consultant
4C $3,326 Requires Behavior Consultant
4D $3,567 Requires Behavior Consultant
4E $3,825 Requires Behavior Consultant
4F $4,082 Requires Behavior Consultant
4G $4,386 Requires Behavior Consultant
4H $4,707 Requires Behavior Consultant