How Do I Renew My Existing Administrator Certificate?

Administrators of all Facility Types must complete 40 hours of approved CEU courses every two years.

The state has issued a waiver that all 40 hours of renewal may be taken as online courses.
The Waiver ends December 31, 2021.

To renew your State Issued Admin Certificate complete LIC 9124 Application for Administrator Certification

Include all your individual course certificates with the form along with your $100.00 fee. Be sure to count your hours to confirm they add up to 40.

As long as your postmark is on the date of expiration you are good. This means that if your certificate expires on June 1 you are good to mail your application at the Post Office on June 1.

If you are late there is a $200.00 penalty plus the $100.00 fee.

Specific questions regarding your renewal should be directed to the ACS Section. The representatives are responsive and the hold time is brief.

Contact for ACS Section:
[email protected]