How Do I Apply For My Administrator Application Conditional Certificate

Smart Seminars does not send you your Conditional Administrator Certificate. The State of California sends it to you.

If you took the ICTP ARF course prior to August 1,2021 you must apply for a conditional Administrator Certificate.

  1.  Complete the Administrator Application LIC 9214
  2. View lic 9214 sample   to assist in completing the application.
  3.  Complete LIC 508 and include with your application.
  4.  Include copy of LIC 9163 Livescan request signed by Livescan operator.
  5. Include copy of the ICTP ARF Course certificate issued by Smart Seminars on the last day of the five day ICTP Course you completed.
  6. Include check for $100.00 and mail to CDSS, Administrator Certification Section (ACS), 744 “P” Street, MS 9-17-47, Sacramento, CA 95814.
  7.  You must send in your application within 30 days of receiving your ICTP Course Certificate issued by Smart Seminars.


All questions regarding the application process and Criminal Record Clearance should be directed to the Administrator Certification Section:


Smart Seminars does  not provide ongoing support for the application process or criminal record clearance.