How Do I Obtain Criminal Record Clearance New Administrators?

After  passing the  ARF Exam  you  will need to submit Fingerprint Clearance with your Administrator Application.

Step 1:  Locate a Livescan site. and schedule an appointment or call this number and they will locate a site and schedule your clearance: 800-315-4507

Step 2: Complete the LIC 508

Step 3: Complete the Livescan Form LIC 9163

Box #6: If you are not currently working for a facility enter this number in Box #6: 345599999

Box #7: If you are not currently working for a facility enter CDSS.

Here is  Sample Livescan Form LIC 9163 filled out for new administrators who are not associated with a facility.

To learn more about the background check process view this Criminal Background Check

Sometimes  operators at livescan facilities become confused when the  LIC 9163 shows your employer is CDSS.  Do your best to explain how CDSS instructs new employees of residential care facilities to complete the form. If they refuse your best recourse is schedule your livescan at another livescan site or contact CDSS at  

[email protected]

(916) 653-9300

Do I have to submit Criminal Record Clearance if I am already clear with a facility?

If your clearance status is active and clear, you do not need to submit prints again. To find out if you are active and in the system contact the local CCL office and ask to check your clearance status. If clear, the office staff will give you your LIS personnel number and status. If you are clear and active, write a note with your application that you are clear along with your LIS Personnel number and clearance status.

Note that if you previously worked for a facility over two years ago your clearance may have expired.  Call. your local CCL office and check.

If I already have clearance from law enforcement, teacher or medical professional.  Do I still have to get clearance?

Even if you have been printed and cleared through other state agencies, educational institutions, police agencies or governmental entities, you will need to be printed for CCLD purposes.