40 Hour Renewal

We offer 40 bundles that are approved and current for ARF, RCFE, GH and STRTP.  We do not offer BRN, LVN or BBS certification.

Click Here 40 Hour  Bundles

Course certificates are available for download and emailed to you instantly on completion of each course.
You  can logout and the system will remember your progress when you log back in.
Following each lesson there are short quizzes with hints.
The ACS section limits all course activity to 10 hours per day.
Once you  complete your courses you complete the Administrator Application and send in your 100 dollars application fee.

If you are not sure of your expiration date you can check the ACS Active List.

CCL has issued a waiver that all 40 hours of renewal can be taken online.
If you take 40 hours online you must complete all courses prior to Dec 31, 2021.



See page four in the linked document above for information re Recertification.