Epilepsy and Seizures Advanced


Hours: 5    Approvals: ARF, RCFE, GH, STRTP
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Course Expiration
Once you register you have up to one year to take the course.

Course Description

Epilepsy is a group of related disorders in the brain’s electrical systems that are characterized by a tendency to cause recurrent seizures. Seizures cause changes in movement, behavior, sensation, or awareness, including loss of consciousness or convulsions, which last from a few seconds to a few minutes in most individuals. Seizures may occur in children and adults.

On completion of the course the student will be able to:
Know and describe the disorder and causes of epilepsy
Know and describe different types of seizures.
Know how epilepsy effects different populations.
Become familiar with the different types of treatment used to treat seizures.
Understand how to respond to an individual who is experiencing a seizure.

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