ICTP ARF Study Guide Facility Complaints Deficiencies (not a ceu course)


ICTP ARF Study Guide. Prepares students for the state test to become an ARF administrator.


ICTP ARF Study Guide for students studying for ICTP ARF Test.
Prepare for the ICTP ARF test with this study guide.
This online study guide provides real-life inspection and complaint reports from community care facilities. The student is put in the position of the licensed program analyst from DPSS. This deep dive into the facility reports helps the student understand CCL regulations to prepare for the ICTP ARF Test.

Each report specifies the allegation and deficiency along with the POC (Plan of Correction). Each screen breaks down a facility report into an easy to read table that organizes the allegation and findings. By viewing the deficiencies uncovered in a multitude of different facilities the administrator is in a better position to correct any problems identified in their facility. A brief quiz at the end of each lesson will assess familiarity with the details of each report. Inspection reports are drawn from current reports posted on the CCL website.

Course Objectives:

Understand how the LPA evaluates a facility.

Use facility reports identifying areas of concern in their own facility.

Ensure their own facility is ready for any unannounced or complaint inspection.

Develop a more hands-on working knowledge of how the regulations are enforced.

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