4. Unannounced Visit: Supervision Complaint Copy

Facility Type: 735 (Adult Residential)

Staff at facility are leaving the residents unattended for long periods of time.

Investigation Findings
LPA conducted an unannounced follow up complaint visit to deliver findings on the above complaint allegation. During today’s visit LPA met with licensee/administrator and discussed the purpose of today’s visit.

The investigation consisted of the following: LPA interviewed facility staff, facility clients, and outside parties. LPA also requested a current LIC 500 (personnel report), and client roster.
The investigation revealed: Interviews conducted with staff person #1 stated he was not home at the facility 7/14/2017, and is not sure which staff was present at the facilty. Interview with the administrator denied leaving clients at home alone without staff present. Interviews conducted with clients #1 & #3 revealed that there are times when the clients are at the facility without staff present and that client #3 is in charge, or operating as staff.

Based on LPA’s observations and interviews which were conducted and records reviewed, the preponderance of evidence standard has been met, therefore the above allegation is found to be SUBSTANTIATED. California Code of Regulations, Title 22, Division 6 are being cited on the attached LIC 9099D.

Type B
Section Cited
Responsibility for Providing Care and Supervision: The licensee shall provide care and supervision as necessary to meet the client's needs. This requirement is not met as evidenced by:
Based on interviews conducted, it was revealed that staff failed to provide 24 hour care and supervision to the clients in place which poses a potential health and safety risk to clients in care.
Administrator agreed to ensure the clients have constant supervision at all times by staff. Administrator has agreed to conduct an in-service training on Title 22 Responsibility 80087 for Providing Care and Supervision. Submit proof of training to LPA by POC date of 12/6/17.


Facility Report


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