31. Unannounced Visit: Staff-to-Client Ratio Copy

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Facility Type: 730/733 (Group Home)

Investigation Findings
During the tour of the facility, Licensing Program Analyst (LPA) observed the following deficiencies: cigarette butts in the backyard and staff to client ratio. The following Title 22 deficiencies will be cited.

Deficiency Type /
Section Number
Type A
Section Cited
Plan of Operation
Based in information obtained, the facility is occasionally out of 1:4 ratio as documented in their plan of operation.
Facility will submit a new LIC500 documenting adequate staffing and a written plan addressing coverage for staff absences. Submit LIC500 by 5.20.16 and plan by 6.2.16.
Type A
Section Cited
Buildings and grounds
Cigarette butts were found in the backyard near the playground structure. Based in interviews, it is reported to be the clients smoking.
Facility will post a no smoking sign in backyard and provide adequate supervision by POC due date of 5.20.16. By 6.2.16, facility will ensure all needs and services plans will address cessation plans for any client for whom they know smokes.


Facility Report


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