3. Unannounced Visit: Unsubstantiated Complaint Copy

Hours:    None

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Facility Type: 735 (Adult Residential)

Licensee belittles clients.
Licensee used profanity towards client.

Investigation Findings
LPA conducted an unannounced 10-day complaint visit. During this visit LPA met with the administrator and discussed the purpose of today’s visit.

The investigation consisted of the following: LPA interviewed facility staff, clients #1 thru 3, an outside party, and requested pertinent facility file documents.

The investigation revealed: Clients #1-3 stated that staff in the facility do not use profanity towards them. They stated, “The staff treat the clients good.” The clients also stated they have never witnessed the staff “cussing” or belittling any of the clients in the facility. Clients and staff interviewed stated the clients are able to ride the bus out in the community, but the staff will provide transportation when requested. Interviews with the administrator and staff both deny using profanity and belittling the clients. The administrator stated that the clients at times use profanity towards each other, and they are redirected not to use those words.

This information was confirmed through interviews with staff and clients. Although the allegation may have happened or is valid, there is not a preponderance of evidence to prove the alleged violation did or did not occur, therefore the allegation is unsubstantiated.



Facility Report


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