13. Unannounced Visit: TB Test Copy

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Facility Type: 735 (Adult Residential)

Investigation Findings
Licensing Program Analyst arrived at the home to discuss Complaint #18-AR-20180214135050. During the visit, LPA reviewed Client #1’s records with Staff member. Client #1 did not have proof of a TB test and there was no date on his medical assessment. Client #1 was admitted on 3/13/17.

See LIC809D for cited deficiencies.

An exit interview was conducted and a copy of this report and appeal rights were given to Staff member.

Deficiency Type /
Section Number
Type A
Section Cited
Client medical assessments shall include results of an examination for communicable tuberculosis and other contagious or infectious diseases. This requirement was not met as evidenced by:
Client #1 was admitted 3/13/17 and his medical assessment does not have proof of a TB test. The report is also not dated. It is signed by a physician but there is no date. It also stated that the TB test is pending. This is a Health and Safety risk to clients in care.
Licensee shall immediately obtain a TB test for Client #1 and provide proof to Licensing. The physician report shall also be signed and dated by the physician.


Facility Report


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