Down Syndrome Across The Life Span

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Course Description
Down syndrome begins in 1866 with Dr. John Langdon Down who worked with a small group of children who had unusual facial characteristics and mild intellectual disability.    Down syndrome is the most common cause of intellectual disability and affects one in every 800 – 1000 births.
The course covers developmental delays, behavior challenges and social-emotional factors associated with Down Syndrome. The myth that Down Syndrome individuals are only capable of routine tasks is just one falsehood that is uncovered.  The learner will view a video that depicts how one individual with Down Syndrome runs a high-stress restaurant. The birth of Sarah Palin’s son Trig brought Down Syndrome into national politics. Sarah Palin openly criticized an episode from the TV show The Family Guy that explored the issues of dating with Down Syndrome. Andrea Friedman who has Down Syndrome does the voiceover in the Family guy and went toe to toe with Sarah Palin publicly.  The course also explores a pregnant mother’s moral conflict in considering an abortion of her fetus who has Down Syndrome

The discovery of Down syndrome by John Langdon Down
The risk factors associated with Down syndrome.
The social and emotional issues associated with Down syndrome.
The association between Down syndrome and Alzheimer’s.
The more common  medical and physical aspects of Down syndrome.
How in countries like Russia discriminate and stigmatize individuals with Down syndrome.
Explore the myth that sexuality in people with Down Syndrome is different than people without Down Syndrome.
Unique issues of consent and sexuality in Down Syndrome.
A close look at Abortion and Down Syndrome.


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